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 "يعد مشروع أيلة أحد اللبنات الرئيسيةً التي ستساهم بالنهوض بالمنتج السياحي والعقاري في الأردن بشكلٍ خاص وبالمنطقة بشكل عام، حيث سيوفر المشروع بيئة متكاملة فريدة من نوعها محورها المياه وتشمل المرافق السكنية والسياحية والخدمية بأعلى المواصفات العالمية.

وستشكل المياه نقطة الجذب الرئيسية في المنتجع وذلك بخلق مساحات مائية شاسعة ضمن أراضي المشروع ليتم بناء الفنادق والمرافق التجارية والسكنية والخدمية حول بحيرات تبلغ مساحتها 750 دونما، الأمر الذي سيعمل على زيادة الرقعة الشاطئية لمدينة العقبة بحوالي 17 كم إضافية من إطلالة متواضعة على خليج العقبة تبلغ 235 متراً فقط.

ويتمركز مشروع واحة ايلة حول مساحات مائية شاسعة ستعمل على زيادة الرقعة الشاطئية لمدينة العقبة بحوالي 17 كم اضافة الى مجموعة متكاملة من المباني السكنية والمجمعات التجارية وسلسلة من الفنادق الضخمة

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“Saraya Aqaba” is a Jordanian private shareholding company, whose founding shareholders include Saraya Jordan, Jordan’s Social Security Corporation, Aqaba Development Corporation, and Arab Bank plc. Saraya Aqaba will implement the US $610 million “Saraya Aqaba Project”, a premier tourism and leisure destination, with a mixed-use themed development. Situated on the northern tip of the Gulf of Aqaba, the construction of the Saraya Aqaba Project and its man made lagoon will be completed in January 2009, adding approximately 1.5 km of beachfront to the city of Aqaba. The Project comprises approximately 610,000 square meters of master-planned development, combining the splendor of an authentically styled ancient city with the modern luxuries of a world class resort. It features five luxurious hotels, various residential opportunities (beach front villas, town houses and apartments), office space, a contemporary shopping district, an old souk, a water park, a convention centre, and a wharf promenade. A bustling “city within a city”, uniquely designed in a culturally authentic manner; Saraya Aqaba is set in the midst of a rich and textured environment of lush gardens and sparkling waterways.

“Saraya Aqaba will be a flagship destination for Aqaba, and its size, scale and design will reflect the growing international profile of the resort.”

The project is valued at US$362 million. Saudi Oger Ltd. is the project’s construction contractor, and UAE-based Jumeirah has been appointed to manage the resort’s world-class hotels. US design firm Phil Hettema and Associates is the development’s architecture consultant.

Saraya Aqaba’s residential units will be sold on a freehold basis, with ownership of the title of the land included in the sale.

One-bedroom apartments start from US$342,000, town houses are priced from US$350,000, while a beachfront villa at Saraya Aqaba will cost around US$2.8 million

Al-Abdali project

Ayla oasis

Variety In Real Estate

Ayla Oasis offers a variety of residential units with different products, areas and locations, and these will be available for private ownership by individuals or others.

Buyers can choose from the wide range of properties available based on personal preferences, which may favor privacy, beach access, boat access, proximity to the commercial areas, proximity to the golf course, etc. The master plan includes green corridors of parks with lagoon views between the residences to give an open resort feeling to guests and residence.

Jordan Homes


the concept and vision of its latest project - Jordan Gate & Royal Village - the US$1 billion Royal Metropolis in Jordan.

Jordan Gate - the first phase of the Royal Metropolis project - will be a futuristic development comprising two high-rise towers connected by a multi-storey podium. Built on an area of around 28,500 square meters, these buildings will together encompass a built up area of approximately 220,000 square metres.

Jordan Gate will feature executive offices, modern conference facilities, an ultra-luxurious five-star hotel and an array of retail outlets. The development, built at a prime location at 6 Circle in Amman, will occupy the highest point in the city and upon completion will be visible from every part of the capital.

Simultaneous to the development of Jordan Gate, work will start on Royal Village, a principal component of the second phase of the project, known as ‘The Districts’ will also commence soon.

Royal Village will be developed on an area of around 470,000 square meters at a prestigious location in Marj Al-Hammam along the main highway to the Dead Sea and will comprise a gated residential community offering high-class living with modern amenities and the development will include a recreational centre, a retail mall, a hotel and some commercial space.

Aqaba, Jordan

Kempinski Hotel Aqaba (Opening End 2008)

Kempinski is set to manage a luxurious resort on the Red Sea, on the Jordanian side, due to open in December 2008. The Kempinski Hotel Aqaba is being developed by the United Saudi Jordanian Hotels & Tourism Company, who also own the Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea, due to open in early 2006. This will be Kempinski’s third hotel under management in Jordan, after the group opened its first property, the Kempinski Hotel Amman earlier this year.

Located in an oasis of calm on the shores of the Red Sea and set within three acres of lush gardens, the resort will feature 216 rooms, suites and cabanas set throughout the grounds. All rooms and suites within the hotel will enjoy sea views, which is possible due to its curved modern structure.

The hotel will offer a variety of international and regional dining options, including a Club Lounge and large deck with panoramic views over the Red Sea, as well as an exclusive nightclub. A wellness centre and spa can be accessed from the guest floors with a separate elevator and a shopping arcade will house several exclusive boutiques. Moreover, The Kempinski Hotel Aqaba will have a large ballroom capable of seating up to 400 guests, theatre-style. With several further meeting rooms and a fully equipped business centre, the hotel offers a unique setting for business conferences as well as more intimate, family celebrations.

روتانا العالمية تنشىء فندقا فـي العبدلي

عمان - الرأي - وقعت شركة فنادق روتانا، ومجموعة من المستثمرين الاماراتيين، عقدا مع شركة العبدلي للاستثمار والتطوير لشراء قطعة ارض تقع ضمن مشروع تطوير منطقة العبدلي،لبناء وادارة فندقها الاول تحت اسم فندق عمان روتانا. يقع فندق عمان روتانا في الجهة الغربية لمشروع تطوير العبدلي بمساحة 35 هكتارا ومن المتوقع إفتتاحه في أواخر العام 2008 . واعتبر المدير التنفيذي لشركة العبدلي للاستثمار والتطوير جمال عيتاني توقيع العقد لبناء فندق روتانا بادرة جيدة لتعزيز مشروع منطقة العبدلي مشيرا الى أن فنادق روتانا تتميز بنموها وتطوراتها في المنطقة. وتعقيبا على مشروع فندق عمان روتانا، قال الرئيس التنفيذي لفنادق روتانا سليم الزير: ان الشركة اختارت أفضل المهندسين لهذا المشروع من فرنسا أركيتكتور ستوديو واضاف أن الفندق سيصبح مفتاحا أساسيا في مشاريع فنادق روتانا المتميزة..

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Yachts participating in the Vasco da Gama Yacht Rally dock in the Tala Bay Marina

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