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Haddadin (or Haddadeen) is the name of an Arab Christian tribe originally from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.The tribe  originated from Yemen. Elders of the tribe say  that the name is related to the city of (Al-Hudaydah) in Yemen, where the tribe comes from.

  For many centuries the tribe lived in Shobak, and then Kerak. Some historic sources indicate that the first Arab resistance against the first Crusades came from the Haddadin tribe. Late 19th century part of the tribe moved from Kerak to "Ma'in a city" in the land of Balqa (middle of Jordan).

Many Arab Christians in Jordan, Palestine, Syria, and Lebanon claim to be originated from the Haddadin tribe. Palestinians originating from the city of" Ramallah "and Syrians originating from the city of "Safita "claim to be originating from this tribe.

The tribe belonged to the Greek Orthodox Church until about 1900 when one of its leaders converted to join the Greek Catholic Church. The tribe was active in the public life of modern Jordan. Jeries Haddadin, served as chief judge in the courts of Kerak, Amman, Jerusalem when the city was under Jordanian administration, and many other cities in the country. He also served as a member of the second government lead by late PM Wasfi Al-Tel as a minister of Agriculture and Justice. Munther Haddadin, a member of the government lead by former PM Abdessalam Al-Majali as a minister of Water and Irrigation. Bassam Haddadin, Khalil Haddadin , and Saad Haddadin Members of Parliamant.

......The popular history associates the origin of novel Ramallah with the immigration of two Arab families, namely; a Moslem family and a Christian family from “Al Shobak” in the south of Jordan, late in the fifteenth century A.C.


The Christian family Rashed Al Haddadin, stayed in Ramallah which was a sub-village for a family in Al Beireh. The second family, Hussein Tannash stayed in Al Beireh and associated with its families. The tale of the origin of Ramallah said; that among the tribes of “Al Karak” there was a Christian Arab tribe called, Al Haddadin. Rashed Al Haddadin the head of the tribe, had a dispute with the Sheikh of Beni Omar tribe, and overpowered Al Karak because he refused to marry his danghter to the son of the Moslem tribe Sheikh. So, Al Haddadin had to depart covertly at night.


 He, with his subjects, came to the outskirts of Al Beireh. They liked the sub-village Ramallah , in its forests and fire-woods which are necessary for the blacksmith business they were practicing. So, they bought it from its owners, “Al Ghazawnch” the original population of Al Beireh.

Thus, Al Haddadin tribe was destined to build this village which most Ramallah population, at present, belong to. .......

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أنـــــــــــا الأردن اســــــــــــــــــــم وهويــــــــــــــــــة

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أنــــا ولادي اردنــــــــي واردنيــــــــــــــــــــة

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